Corrective Lenses the latest in spectacle lens materials

Bennett Optometry offers the latest in spectacle lens materials such as high index plastic and glass, Digital aspheric lenses and photosensitive lenses. Lens coatings include scratch resistant, antiglare, and ultraviolet. We offer single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses as well as special occupational lens designs and the latest contact lenses.

Vision problems related to viewing computer screens stem from the differences between printed material and the images we see on electronic displays. If you suffer symptoms of eyestrain or fatigue while viewing a computer screen, clinically-proven help is now available at Bennett Optometry. Custom prescribed computer glasses are available to improve comfort immediately. Eye strain and blurred vision from computer use should become a thing of the past.

Progressive Lenses need to be measured and fit properly. Because of the nature of the progressive lens design, it is essential your eyeglass frames are adjusted to your face. Then, our Certified Opticians take proper measurements that allow your eyes to make an easy transition from distance to near. Bennett Optometry is constantly fitting and evaluating different types of progressive lenses. The technology is always changing and so are we.

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